Our Newest Members!

Praise God for a great auditions! We had so many amazing and talented people audition this semester and were so blessed throughout the process! Through the Lord’s guidance, we now have four amazing newbies joining the group! Here’s an updated roster for Full Measure 2012-2013 with stars next to our newbies:

Emily Doll, 2013, President
Aran Park, 2013, Music Director
Barbara Kim, 2014
Davine Holness, 2015
*Liz Hwang, 2016

Brian Hyon, 2013
Ernest Tam, 2015
Dylan Tracy, 2015, Business Manager
*John Kim, 2016
*Andrew Rho, 2016
*Jonathan Woo, 2016

We’re excited for a great year and looking forward to what God has in store for Full Measure!

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